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2024 – The Future of Office Design

31 January 2024
Find an office in 2024

How to Find Your New Office

30 January 2024
New Office in 2024

New Year, New Office

22 January 2024

The Merry Gap: Maximising Fun and Productivity at the Office Between Christmas and New Year

27 December 2023
Offices of 2024

What Offices Need In 2024

7 December 2023
Bumble A.I. Office

What Does AI Think Famous Offices Look Like?

7 November 2023

Our Thoughts on WeWork Filing Chapter 11

7 November 2023
Coworking spaces in London

The Rising Trend of Coworking Spaces in the UK: A Look at the Numbers and Challenges

23 October 2023
Office Environment Design

The Impact of Office Environment Design on Mood, Productivity, and the Future of Hybrid Work

20 October 2023
The Office Dog Guide

The Office Dog Chronicles – How you can create the perfect environment

10 October 2023
Parking in London

London tops the list… for the most expensive city in the UK to park!

3 October 2023
Office Perks 2023

Office Perks 2023

25 September 2023
Networking in London

Networking in Style: Central London’s Co-Working Communities

22 September 2023

Water Cooler Chronicles: The Art of Navigating Office Chit-Chat

8 September 2023
Modern Offices SketchLabs London

Embrace the Return to Work: Building a Vibrant Office Community

4 September 2023
Hybrid working in London

Embracing Hybrid Working: Redefining Office Spaces Post-Pandemic

27 July 2023
Working in a beautiful office

The Benefits of Working in a Beautiful Office

21 February 2023
Using a broker can save time!

The Benefits of Using a Broker To Find an Office

14 February 2023
Hybrid working

A guide to hybrid working

10 February 2023
collaborative office space hybrid office space

The Positive Impact Of Collaborative Office Space

9 August 2022
Wellness Design

Maximising Wellness Design In Office Space

8 August 2022
sketch labs team - The London Office Search Agency

Who Is Mark Knops, and who are Sketch Labs?

2 August 2022
Create cool, stylish offices to enhance workflow

Create cool, stylish offices to enhance workflow

25 July 2022
Renting an office space

Renting an office space: the lowdown

17 July 2022

How To Create The Perfect Pet friendly Office

8 July 2022
Tapping Into the Value of Serviced Offices

Tapping Into the Value of Serviced Offices

4 July 2022

Why You Need to Understand These Workspace Customer Needs

23 March 2022

Factors to Consider before Renting an Office Space

23 March 2022
Coworking spaces in London

Coworking Trends That Are To Expected in the Coming Year

23 March 2022

Everything You Need to Know About the Hybrid Working Model

23 March 2022

The Relationship between Productivity and Office Design

23 March 2022