7 November 2023

What Does AI Think Famous Offices Look Like?

Bumble A.I. Office

What do you do if you worry that A.I. is going to take all of your jobs? In our world we sit back, worryingly laugh and then put it to the test. Welcome to world of SketchLabs where problems are actually solutions…

If ever there was a time to use A.I. it would be now – before it eventually rises and does only god knows what.

But in all seriousness it does pose the question, what can we use A.I. for? In asking this question we thought about today’s world and what leads it. That is of course, business. Every great business owner is more visible now than ever before and with their podcasts, their social media presences and even their mass appeal, getting into the mind of the multi-millionaire business owner has never been easier.

What we never actually see though is, what do their offices look like? That’s where we tasked A.I. to find the answers and in doing so, we discovered what A.I. thinks some of our most famous business leader offices look like.

The offices of business magnates and influencers are often as enigmatic as their personalities, designed to be the place where ideas flourish and decisions that impact millions are made daily. While we may not have access to the inner sanctums of these leaders, Sketch Labs tasked AI with crafting what these spaces might look like, based on their public personas, careers, and personal interests.

Elon Musk: The Futurist’s Lair
Here we have an office that envisions the bold ambitions of SpaceX and Tesla. What is interesting is that there are very few references to Teslas, or electric cars at all. Perhaps an indication of where Elon’s main focus has been in 2023. The image depicts quite the opposite of a minimalist space where cutting-edge technology and space exploration nick-nacks dominate. It depicts a rather simple and boring desk featuring 3 screens displaying live feeds from SpaceX launches or Tesla’s AI developments. The futuristic gadgets hint at a stereotypical ‘tech genius’ and the large rocket poster is a humorous nod to his space aspirations, almost like a child’s dream realised on an extraordinary scale.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd: The Hive of Bumble
With Whitney Wolfe Herd’s office, you might expect lots of hints toward Bumble’s feminist ethos, however, the picture depicted is quite different. Firstly, Whitney is the only person to feature working at her desk. Possibly because she is perceived as more of a present boss. What we are confused about though, is why she is stuck inside a glass desk, and forced to stare at a dystopian wall of bumble profiles. Another curious element is that 5 (and a half) chairs surround her circular desk without computers. Quite the interesting set-up. Thanks AI.

vHHzAXqR LK0oao55X37v82t09Qp7cEjB9LogbAW | Sketch Labs

Mark Zuckerberg: The Meta Modernity
As someone often thought of as minimal and functional, Zuckerberg’s AI office represents something quite different. His desk looks like it hosts the latest in VR and AR technology, as it is adorned with a spectacular 6 screens including a particularly gigantic one. The room is peppered with Virtual Reality Headsets, possibly pointing to a future where our digital and physical realities intertwine. We are curious however about the bizarre orbs dotted around the floor.

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Jeff Bezos: The Amazonian Empire
You would expect Jeff Bezos’s office to be the epitome of efficiency and innovation, surrounded by the latest Amazon gadgets. Interestingly, this office looks more like a space command centre than a tech giant’s office. You could say it is more like an astronaut’s meeting room, especially given the absence of a computer. The whiteboard also features a dubious map of the United States, which is made of stars. What we can see is that space memorabilia from Blue Origin is evident in just about every corner of the room.

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Anna Wintour: The Vogue Sanctuary
Definitely the most beautiful of the offices that AI created is that of Anna Wintour’s, as long as you don’t look too closely. It has clearly been designed with style to reflect the pages of Vogue, with fashion-forward decor that oozes sophistication. However when you look at the walls, what we assume is meant to be iconic Vogue covers look more like creatures from a horror movie. That being said, her chic workspace is surrounded by racks of designer outfits as expected alongside elegant furniture. We are curious, however, about the gold bin full of giant paintbrushes. It seems Anna has perhaps been drawing those vogue covers on the wall herself.

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Deborah Meaden: The Dragon’s Den
Finally, famous for her appearances in BBC’s Dragon’s Den, Deborah Meaden’s office has been imagined as a space of elegance and practicality. Antique furniture stands in contrast with modern tech, symbolising the blend of a traditional businesswoman, in today’s technological era. The office is definitely the most sensible of the bunch and reinforces the stereotype of the ‘seasoned businessperson’ with a taste for the finer, more traditional things in business decor. It does however features an anxiety-inducing desk packed with a selection of non-descript items and a very cluttered wall. Something that seems to be a common theme throughout this experiment.

6E33uIrttUAlvGkEmYCrL0CE zFnw5RbPCwYJp9ebMlNiNgZXStBzMK8uQX3K53ktx7Wy1 xuMLwragWMkuDd3nxahsUBr1hT | Sketch Labs

Each of these offices, while a product of AI, shows what the internet thinks of these industry titans. They were meant to reflect the achievements, aspirations and philosophies of the individuals that would inhabit them. Instead, we have been left with a very confusing depiction of who these people are and what they stand for. Perhaps interior designers have a few more years before they need to start worrying about AI stealing their jobs.