30 January 2024

How to Find Your New Office

Find an office in 2024

Yeah, we’ve heard it all before, “new year, new me” but what about your office? Have you run down to the nub? Is the “slough look” starting to wear thin? Has someone commented that your office looks as pleasant as a three night stay at Fawlty Towers? 

Fear not, as  the new year dawns, many businesses embark on transformative journeys, seeking growth, expansion, or simply a change of scenery. It all starts with one of the pivotal steps in this journey that often involves finding a new office space—a place that fosters productivity, aligns with company culture, and accommodates the evolving needs of the team. (Cinema room included!) 

Traditionally, the search for an office involved physically scouting locations or spending hours browsing online listings. However, the modern landscape has evolved, offering innovative solutions that streamline the process, such as leveraging brokers like SketchLabs. 

Let’s take a look at the traditional and contemporary approaches to finding an office space that resonates with your vision and objectives.

Traditional Model: Scouting and Web Browsing

In the past, scouting for a new office typically involved physically exploring various neighbourhoods, jotting down addresses, and contacting leasing agents. Your shoes wear down, your patience gets thinner and you start to think that being tied into a hefty renewal is your only solution. 

This way of searching often consumed copious amounts of time and energy. Moreover, relying solely on this approach limited the scope of options and could overlook ideal spaces that might not have been immediately visible.

Alternatively, web browsing became a go-to method for many businesses. Countless hours were spent navigating through online listings, filtering options by location, size, amenities, and budget. While this provided a broader spectrum of choices, it often resulted in an overwhelming array of options, making it challenging to pinpoint the perfect fit. Additionally, online listings might lack nuanced details about the space or fail to capture the true essence of the office environment.

New Model: Brokers like SketchLabs and Tailored Searches

Enter the new era of office hunting, marked by the rise of specialised brokers like ourselves – SketchLabs. We, like others,  employ professionals adept at understanding the unique requirements and aspirations of your businesses. Unlike the conventional methods, we offer personalised services that tailor the search to align with specific needs.

For instance we take a holistic approach by delving deep into your company’s ethos, workflow, and culture. We curate a selection of office spaces that not only meet the logistical requirements but also resonate with the essence of the business. Whether it’s a vibrant co-working space, a modern high-rise, or a cosy boutique office, we guide clients toward spaces that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Find your office

The Best Ways to Look Around

Even within the modern approach, there are nuanced strategies to optimise the search for a new office space. First, clearly define your requirements. Outline the must-haves, the nice-to-haves, and the deal-breakers. This will streamline the search process and enable brokers like ourselves to narrow down options effectively.

Networking is another valuable tool. Engage with industry peers, attend events, and join professional groups to gain insights into available spaces or potential leasing opportunities. Sometimes, the best options are found through word-of-mouth recommendations or connections within your network.

Virtual tours are a game-changer – and something we’re developing. In today’s digital age, many listings offer virtual walkthroughs that provide a realistic feel for the space without the need for physical visits. These tours save time and enable you to narrow down choices efficiently.

Finding a new office space has evolved significantly, transitioning from the traditional methods of physical scouting and online browsing to a more personalised and efficient approach facilitated by specialised brokers like SketchLabs. By embracing these new models and adopting tailored searches, businesses can discover office spaces that not only meet their logistical requirements but also harmonise with their culture and vision. Ultimately, finding the perfect office space is not just about walls and desks; it’s about creating an environment that nurtures productivity, collaboration, and growth—an environment where teams thrive and ideas flourish.